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Building action plans
All of us have had operational experience. We are practical and down to earth. We know that strategy is sometimes easy to define but that execution is the key to success. We know that people and communication is often the main difference between success and failure. We like to design very practical and realistic plans and build them with your teams. 
Project management
Once the plan has been defined, we can act as the Project Manager. Typical examples
of projects :
- launching a new business or line of business within your organization
- building a partnership
- preparing for expansion
- acquiring or integrating a new business
- restructuring a business
- accelerating digital transformation
- preparing your business for external investors.
Flexible resources tailored to your needs
We build the ad hoc team. We start when you need us and leave when you no longer need us. We can work one day a week, full time or nights and week ends, during 1, 6 or 18 months. It is up to your needs.
Cogs and a Pencil
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