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Why would you need an Interim CEO ?

Why Paris New York Consulting can help you ?

You need someone immediately
... and not in 3 months. Sometimes (often) you just cannot wait to find the right candidate, but you refuse to rush in hiring the wrong candidate.
You may not need someone full time
but no candidate is interested in a part time position.
The profile you need now is different from the profile you will need in six months
because the world changes quickly and organizations need to remain flexible.
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Because we have done this over and over again
We like to learn fast and blend within your organization. We love new challenges. We know how to manage priorities. We know how to manage teams in a moving environment. We transparently communicate with you in order not to lose time or efficiency.
Because we are as flexible as you want
We come in when you need and leave when you have found the right candidate. 
Because we can tailor our expertise to your needs
Thanks to our wide portfolio of consultants and network of experts, we can even work as a team to combine the expertise you need and fit within your budget.
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